What’s so great about traveling solo?

You get dinged on your hotel rate, you have no one to share the moment with, you dine alone and it’s out and out lonely. Or is it?

First off, many hotels sell their rooms by the room, not the # of people. So you don’t have to pay double for the same room with no one to share the cost. But you do need to do a little research to find the right hotels to fit your budget. Think of it this way, the whole world doesn’t have a mate, and if they did chances are they’ve been single at some point during their break-up or divorce! And not everyone has kids (that’s not really a vacation anyway is it?). Hotels finally seem to be catching on and today there are many more options to chose from that won’t keep your adventure all in your head.

And as for sharing the moment, anyone heard of facebook, instagram and twitter? In fact it’s now harder than ever to really be alone since we spend so much time sharing our every step, thought and idea. You’re on your own clock. You don’t have to share the bathroom or fight over who gets the hairdryer first. You eat what you want, when you want. So enjoy that castle or train ride and share a picture to prove what a great time you’re having. Then enjoy as the comments come streaming back from all your jealous friends.

Dining alone? What a great opportunity to meet people, ensconce yourself in the culture, learn a few native phrases, read up on your next day’s itinerary or just sit back, people watch and enjoy that glass of Pinot.

Truth be told, I have never felt lonely when traveling alone because I am too busy taking in what’s around me and enjoying the flair of a different culture. When we travel with someone else, how often do we engage the locals, meet new people and make new friends? The answer, far less often than when we travel alone. So get out there, make a plan and get on your way.

Dream, Travel, Explore

*First Published March 2015


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