Travel Boots For Fashionistas

I refuse to allow travel to take away my style! Of course as a minimalist that means I need to find shoes that are not only comfortable but that afford me the ability to still look stylish. Think a Parisian or New Yorker hitting the road. Sure that may be easier in the summer but realistically we don’t only travel one time of year. So here are a few of my faves.

I am a huge fan of shoes that can do double duty. If Europe is on your itinerary, know that weather can be iffy through the remainder of the year beside summer. Winter will call for real boots and they must be water resistant. Fly with your heaviest pair of shoes so packing them is unnecessary. My pick, Celina by La Canadienne. These are suede but also come in leather. Great for leggings, skinny jeans and skirts of all lengths, these don’t skimp on style.

For something a little more rugged, try the Camilla offered in black and brown oiled suede. I bought the brown, but in black, these are a perfect travel staple for a simplified pallet. For fashion and ruggedness together, check out the Vogue with a rubber sole for added traction in snow and rain but with a streamline design.


The French brand Arche is also known for offering fashionable walking shoes in weather resistant styles, so worrying about getting caught in the rain is a nonstarter. The patent with faux fur animal print booties keep your feet comfy but are sophisticated enough to travel even Paris or Milan in style.

For when nothing but sneakers will do, Ugg’s leather Blaney with it’s side zip, sassy tassel and EVA foam insole is the perfect choice. Available in 3 color options.

Happy travels!


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