You don’t have to be single to fly solo.

What if your friends can’t afford to get away, decide to spend their vacation time with family or your mate has a business obligation? Do you stay at home dreaming of adventures yet sulk that life is passing you by when you don’t act? I used to do just that. I’d plan trips and never take them because it all seemed so overwhelming. I was desperate to run away from home but why didn’t I actually do it? Because I was stuck in the belief that going it alone meant all of the negatives we associate to, well, being alone. And then there’s fear and of course money, which equates to fear.

It often seems easier to sit in fear than to take the bull so to speak and get out of our own way. We have been conditioned from early on that going solo makes us an odd creature. How many times have you sat in a restaurant noticing the person sitting alone and feeling sorry for them? Yet we have no idea why this person is alone. Perhaps they are taking a breather from a chaotic houseful of kids and simply want to a little time to enjoy themselves!

Years ago I took a respite to Cozumel. Whilst there people told me they had been sitting around discussing the possibilities of why I was alone. They settled on the idea I was recently divorced. In reality, I had just lost my mother and then my beloved pup. And for the first time in my life I had no one to answer to or take care of. I hadn’t felt that unencumbered since the days when everything I owned could fit in the back of my Honda Civic.

Until we stop caring about what other people think we will stay stuck in the stigma attached to going it alone. We know why we are alone, so does it really matter what anyone else thinks or surmises? Going it alone takes guts, planning but most of all it takes respecting ourselves to fulfill our own dreams and not be dependent on others.

Once when I was afraid to spend money during a tenuous financial time, a friend said to me, “Go! If you end up being homeless you’ll be the best dressed bum out there”. I went and I didn’t end up on the streets because of it. A little faith and a lot less fear can change your life!

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